Call me the Over Planner

You are going to call me crazy. You’re going to say, “what? You’re planning a trip that you’re not even taking for over a year?”.  I am aware. But, hear me out.  Yes, I’m not planning to go to Turkey until May 2013 (in order to save $$ and accrue time off from work), but I’m planning this far ahead for a couple of reasons:

a)  To keep my eye on the prize, to stay excited and focused for this trip which will help me to save my money for it.  It’s easier to save money for something when you’re fully engaged in what you are saving for.

b) Because sometimes you just need a goal to keep your mind focused on. Don’t get me wrong, I have plenty of things I’m thinking about in the “now” moment of my life, but it’s nice to have something big to look forward to.

c) To learn as much about the parts of Turkey I will visit so that I don’t just go as a tourist. I go as an explorer, an academic, and a tourist.

d) To learn some basics of the language before I get there.

I’m hoping this blog will provide the following:

a) A place for me to write down ideas and keep organized with everything I’m learning about and planning before the trip comes. That way, I can look back on my notes when the trip is closer.

b) A place for my friends and people who have been to Turkey to give suggestions.  I was more than shocked to learn how many people I know have been to Turkey, and I’d like to get all of your suggestions- everything from where to stay to what not to eat.  For example, today at Powell’s book store, I was purchasing a book on Istanbul when the clerk told me that when I go to Cappadocia, I should not stay at Gorem but instead should stay at Uchisar.  Something for me to look into, anyways.


2 thoughts on “Call me the Over Planner

  1. Good idea. It'll keep you from spending the money on lesser things!


  2. That's what I'm hoping!


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