There’s something romantic about planning a trip by yourself.  It’s more of an adventurous romance than a traditional romance.

Being single, it’s easy to look at couples and think how lucky they are to have one another. But on the other side of the fence is that I get to do exactly what I want when I want.  This trip, for example, gives me the chance to spend time with myself, my thoughts, doing the things that excite and challenge me.  I can have everything I want with just myself.

When I imagine myself on this trip, I imagine solitary walks through colorful neighborhoods.  I will treat myself to a visit to see the oldest treaty known to history (future blog post about this to come).  I will sit and watch people in silence, listening to only the air and the sounds of the city around me.  I will meet other travelers in hostels who I would not have met if I stayed in a hotel.  If I want to spend all afternoon staring at one painting in one museum, then I will do just that.

Romance doesn’t need to equal roses and candle lit dinners. It doesn’t need to equal physical intimacy or a ring on your finger. Romance can be getting yourself out of a rut, it can be stretching your limits and getting out of your comfort zone.  Romance can mean simply being with yourself.


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