Istanbul Lodging

There are at least 34 Hostels in Istanbul.  I’ve narrowed it down to 4 possibilities for myself.

In an attempt to narrow the selection down, I started by cutting them down based on location.  I really want to stay in the Old Town area because that’s where most of the history that I am interested in is.  This eliminated 17 possibilities.

The next thing I did was narrow down based on how much information was available online. Did the hostel have a website? Was the website at all helpful or did it just refer me to or some other booking site?  What amenities are offered?  I was surprised at how much this narrowed the selection down.  I was then at 6 selection!   I cut two out based on price (they were much more expensive than the other 4, but didn’t necessarily look any better.  So here’s what I am left with:

Nobel Hostel – 4 bed dorm
Orient Hostel – 4 bed dorm
Cordial House Hostel – 8 bed dorm (females only) – Unsure of free breakfast?
Sultan Hostel – mixed dorm (didn’t specify bed #)

I’m leaning towards the Nobel Hostel or The Orient Hostel.

Your thoughts?


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