Dubai Airport – Whoa. 

I have reached Dubai. 14.5 hours on one flight alone. I recall recently posting about how much I love flying. I really should go back and modify that post to include the caveat that the flight should not be over 4 hours. 🙂

But in all seriousness, it could have been worse, Emirates food was decent, the entertainment system expansive, and there was nobody in the seat next to me!

So, here I am in the Dubai airport. I have been here less than 30 minutes but I am already in awe. Going up a massive escalator to get to my terminal, I felt like I was in a ridiculously massive and fancy shopping mall, with palm trees, and the Call to Prayer. The toilet stalls all have a place to wash your feet. The bathrooms are immaculate. I think I should enjoy that while I can. Ha! I have also seen more than one sign advertising “green” and “organic” food/goods/experiences. Do they not realize that this city is built on a desert???

Ok…too tired to write more. This will have to do you for now!
Still have 6 or so hours to go until Tehran…all in the name of adventure!



2 thoughts on “Dubai Airport – Whoa. 

  1. Glad you’re safe through the first leg of the journey! Don’t forget to call your Mom while you still can! XO

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  2. Cannot wait to hear more!!! I’m SO excited for you!


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