We arrived in Shiraz early this morning and immediately set off for the Zand Complex, the Capital of Iran during the Zand Dynasty from 1747-1779.

From the outside, the complex looks relatively boring, as do most Iranian buildings it seems. There is very little color or architecture, the buildings all appear like they have been in a dust storm. But the insides are quite different.

We started at the Arg-e Karim Khan which was where the royal court lives and worked. From there we went to the Pars Museum and Bagh-e Nazar where foreign dignitaries were welcomed.

The Hammam-e Vakil was excellently displayed with men dressed in traditional clothes of the era and shown doing business or relaxing…or getting a tooth pulled. It turns out Bath houses were used for many purposes!

Finally we saw the Masjed-e Vakil, the Regent’s Mosque with beautiful tile work and a calming presence.

 I am so frustrated that I can’t upload photos. I think it has to do with the slow internet speed 😦 But if you find me on Instagram or Facebook, there will be photos there!
We also went to Bagh-e Eram, a world Unesco botanical gardens. There was little in bloom, but it was clear that it was a relaxing and beloved place for locals who were lazing in the shade with friends and family. I really want to see a snow ball tree in bloom…

Dinner was at a 150 year old mansion, we sat on the upper porch over the garden. Best meal I have had yet! I will write more about the food later!

 Tomorrow…Persepolis and Hafez tomb!


3 thoughts on “Shiraz

  1. It’s great to hear that things are going well!!

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  2. Sounds wonderful! I hope you get to the pink mosque. I was looking at pictures today and was mesmerized by its beauty!


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