Transportation in Iran

Yesterday, we took a 9 hour bus ride from Shiraz to Kerman. I think I was more tired from that than I have ever been on any plane ride, even the 14.5 one from Seattle to Dubai.

Initially, I thought it would be great, there was lots of room to recline and sleep, but there were no stops for food or bathroom. Thank goodness we had brought some snacks with us. Fortunately, that will be our longest day on the road.

What surprises me the most about Iran is the traffic. If anything here is dangerous, it is trying to cross a street or drive. While there are traffic laws, they are 100% not observed. A 3 lane road often turns into a 4 or 5 lane one, a two way road can suddenly turn into a one way, and there will sometimes be 3 directions of traffic crossing an intersection at the same time.

The worst of it however, is trying to be a pedestrian. You literally have to put your hand up as if to say “STOP!” But you will be lucky if they do. I’ve seen women with children trying to cross the street and cars going right by them, so close that a person could reach out and give them a high five going by. And many drivers get mad at pedestrians for getting in their way!

Yet, somehow, through all of this, I have yet to see any accidents or injuries occur. I think there is some luck in this, but I don’t understand it!

Today we will be exploring Kerman, a city which I know very little about. On the schedule is a visit to the Moshtagh Ale tomb, Ganjali Khan hammam, Kerman Jame mosque, and a drive to the Shahzadeh Gardens. Will be interesting to see some more things that I know nothing about! While in Shiraz my guide took me to a Muslim Holy Site that I didn’t know anything about and I was completely overwhelmed by it.

For those of you who don’t follow me on Facebook or Instagram, I apologize for not being able to share pictures yet, the Internet gods here don’t like uploading pictures it seems and I’m tired of trying. I will post them when I return home though! In the meantime, feel free to follow me on Facebook under jessicakimmet.




4 thoughts on “Transportation in Iran

  1. I hope that was the only 9 hour bus ride! Not fun, but you got there safe and will have a great story when you get back! Love you!


  2. I didn’t realize it would be that hot at this time of year… Between that and the bus ride, I’ll appreciate staying home! What a trip, a once in a lifetime!


  3. HI! Steve showed me your blog and I spent a few days catching up. You are such an adventurous and wise traveler! I hope you’re having a great time and learning lots of interesting things. 🙂


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