Desert Lodgings

We stayed in the desert for 2 nights, the first at an Eco-Lodge in a small village called Shafi Abad. The camp is owned and run by a small family with a couple of adorable children. We slept in huts made of dried palm branches (and in tents) and we ate in rooms built from clay bricks and palm branches. This family has been running the camp for many years, and it is not an experience to miss. 

The little girl was quite intelligent. My guide spent time teaching her English and she picked it up really fast! She painted my nails with Henna, and I shared some Portland chocolate with her and her parents. I think in many ways she is a lucky child, to get to experience so many different cultures without leaving her home. She is very bright, I think she will do some interesting things.

At night, we could hear coyotes, wild dogs, cows, and roosters in the village and surrounding area. We saw some nightingales as well, enjoying the fresh dates off the local Palm trees!


The second night, we drove to the Zein-O Din Caravanseraie, built 400 years ago as part of a network of 999 others to protect traders and promote trade along the Silk Road. It was renovated a few years ago and now serves as a hotel for those who want to experience the life of a caravan trader. We slept on raised platforms with short walls separating us from the other rooms. 



Sunset from the rooftop!


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