It is difficult to find alone time to focus on writing this blog. This is the exact opposite of what I expected. Not that I am complaining, not one bit. Meeting all of my new friends has been the highlight of the trip, and it is really sad as they move on to other places. I think there can be a special bond between travelers who are on their own, there is an understanding and camaraderie about it. With that said, tomorrow I hope to have a quieter day, I think maybe I will go to the Prince’s Islands then to another Hamam. 

Today was an adventure in the rain getting out to Chora Church, a Byzantine church West of the old city. It was quite small, but the tiled mosaics were simply stunning. 
Later we went to The Blue Mosque, I found it truly peaceful because of its massiveness paired with its simplicity. Compared to many old Cathedrals, I find it easier to simply be with God because there is little to distract you, no statues, mosaics, frescoes. 
Additionally, I had my favorite meal so far. It is basically chicken and rice cooked into philo dough then cut open. I did not get a picture, but here is one of some other fantastic food…

I keep getting notes from friends back home regarding the protests and riots. I assure you that I am staying far away (remember, Istanbul is huge). If necessary, I will leave and go elsewhere, but I highly doubt that will happen. The only way this is impacting me is that it is prohibiting me from going to some of the places I would like to go and from seeing my friend. I do really feel for the Citizens of Turkey, though. Being here has shown me how important free speech and democracy really are.

Ok, one last photo for the night and then I am going to bed early!
Valens aquaducts!!


3 thoughts on “Alone

  1. YaY! I am glad you made it to the Valens! It's so amazing what the Romans did and how far stretching. Be safe and thanks for all the great pics. I am glad you're having fun.


  2. Thank you for reassuring all of us back home that you are staying safe. The news doesn't cover the calm, peaceful neighborhoods, so that's not what we hear about.


  3. Mmm! Jealous of the food! And I totally understand the camaraderie with fellow travelers. I made friends with two middle-aged Republicans from the South whilst living in China… simply because were all foreigners in a strange land. It's also why I loved Lost in Translation so much.


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