Forget Myer’s Briggs

One of the most common personality assessments is the  Myers Brigg’s Type Indicator, though many of you may also be familiar with others such as the Enneagram. Forget personality types, what about travel types?

The Best Trip Choices” website has a very short quiz to help you determine your travel type. It wasn’t very thorough, but probably better than any buzzfeed quiz out there.
My type is the “Venturer,” and honestly I think it’s quite accurate for me. Here’s a small portion of the type description::

Leisure travel occupies a central place in your life. If you are a typical Venturer, you go to more places, more often and participate in more unique experiences than anyone else. That’s why I call you a Venturer — someone who ventures forth very eagerly and excitedly. You fit in a small group. Only about 4% of all travelers share your extreme love of going to out of the way places and constantly seeking out of the ordinary adventures.
You’d rather fly than drive on your vacations because driving takes too much of the time you could spend at the destination pursuing the things you like to do. And you typically want to explore areas almost without a plan — and without a tour guide to discover the unexpected sights, sounds and culinary delights that every new travel experience can bring. You definitely do not like to travel with a group or follow a rigid, pre-determined itinerary. If you ever joined an escorted tour, it probably was by accident. You will not willingly make that choice again. You want freedom, glorious freedom, to follow your interests of the moment. You are happiest when you feel unfettered and unrestricted by the dictates and commands of others.

Typically, you like to visit relatively unknown and uncommon destinations long before travel writers have discovered them and encouraged hordes of people to come. You will even put up with inadequate hotels and food if you can be there before commercial development — and the crowds of tourists — consume the place. You might have to bed down in a sleeping bag if an inn can’t be found. Above all, you want a sense of spontaneity in your trips, a feeling that something new and fresh will happen every day, and perhaps several times a day. That adds a sense of joie d’ vivre and a hearty carefree feeling of enjoying life at its fullest to your travel experiences.

Unique cultures especially attract you. The opportunity to meet people of different backgrounds, languages, and social standards holds a special allure. Even when you don’t speak the language, a frequent occurrence for someone with your venturesome spirit, you’ll get around just fine. Sign language, a handful of words you’ve picked up, a lot of pointing (to pictures of where you want to go or of food you want to order), and even some laughing moments will help you get comfortably through just about every situation you encounter.
Here are the top International Destinations for my type, according to the website:
Something to think about. Croatia has been on my list for a while now…

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