Considering Options

Lest you think I’m only considering traveling to SE Turkey, here are some of the other places/activities I’m considering:

Places I would go alone:
  • Prague, Vienna, Budapest – This would likely be a late November/early December trip so I can be there during the Christmas bazaars and festivals.
  • Croatia – Spoken extremely highly of by some friends who have been. I’m particularly interested in the beautiful scenery and water activities.
  • Jordan – Petra!  Though I might look into a tour for this location, not sure yet…
  • Armenia – Another set of friends went to Armenia and absolutely loved it. I haven’t done too much research yet, but seems like another great place for ancient history.
Places I would go only on group tours
  • Morocco – Camping in the Sahara!
  • SE Turkey – Ancient history!
Group tour activities I am considering:

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