Pembroke Castle

As a bit of a Tudor history nerd, I was pretty excited to learn that I could visit the birth place of King Henry VII, the first of the line.

As with many historical sites in Great Britain, Pembroke Castle stands on the site of a Roman fort. Even further back though, the site has been occupied for the past 12,000 years!

Initially built in the 11th century by the invading Norman’s, the first stone building was built in the next century.

The Castle is probably the most complete one I’ve ever been to, with most of what is standing dating to the 13th century. It’s also just a lot of fun to roam around, get lost in, and people watch!

King Henry VII

The Keep and main living area. Ancient map of Wales ūüėČ

View from the top of the Keep


One thought on “Pembroke Castle

  1. Gorgeous photos and I love the history!! Thank you!


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